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Extending a logical volume at LVM

Suppose that we have a volume group named VG-TEST and It contains a logical volume named LV-TEST. After adding new physical disk /dev/sdx , we want to give additional 100G space to the LV-TEST logical volume. Following procedure is applied to the server.

In our linux server we have to create a new partition on the disk /dev/sdx.
# fdisk /dev/sdx
fdisk utility asks for parameters so that we create a new partition sdx1

To create physical volume
# pvcreate /dev/sdx1

To add physical volume to the volume group VG-TEST
# vgextend VG-TEST /dev/sdx1

To extend the logical volume LV-TEST
# lvextend -L+100G /dev/VG-TEST/LV-TEST
+100G means that we add extra 100G to the logical volume

We extended the logical volume. Now we should give this space server’s ext3 file system to use it.
# ext2online /dev/VG-TEST/LV-TEST


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