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Oracle analyzing index status

  for i in (select index_name from user_indexes) loop
     execute immediate 'analyze index '||i.index_name||' validate structure';
     insert into indstat select * from index_stats;
  end loop;

Installing Standalone Archiva as a Service

It's very easy to install archiva as a standalone mode.
Get the latest standalone archiva distribution from and unpack it. $ cd /opt $ wget

Memory dump with jmap and jhat

jmap tool is for printing memory maps of a given process. For 64 bit systems -J-d64 option may be used. jhat tool is for parsing a heap dump file and launching webserver. In the following script jmap dumps memory map to a file then jhat reads dump file and serve it from web using port 7000.

If OEM SSL certificate is expired

When i tried to start EM dbconsole got this “ERROR http: 14: Unable to initialize ssl connection with server, aborting connection attempt” in emagent.trc file. Then i realized that EM certificate is expired. You can check EM certificate state from any browser’s (IE, Mozilla etc.) security report. All you need is just “emctl secure dbconsole” command.

Global Server Load Balancing

The most important reason for the use of GSLB is to provide high availability by hosting websites more than one geographic location. With GSLB technology, incoming requests are redirected to servers in different locations on the internet for load balancing. In addition, when service on a site was interrupted by a broken internet connection, power failure, local load balance device(SLB) failure or DoS attack (Denial of Service), GSLB device becomes aware of  the situation, redirects incoming requests to another site and prevent interruption of the service. GSLB makes necessary routing processes by responding to DNS requests.

Jquery, adding and listing rows dynamically

In this example, there is a categories table. Table has category_id and category_name columns. Database transactions are made by hibernate. On the web page side, adding and removing rows are done using jquery. Jquery code is highlighted with yellow.

hibernate.hbm.xml is like:
<class name="com.test.BsCat" table="categories">