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Hosting images from specific domain on jboss

When it is supposed to host static contents from the same jboss server and additionally host them from multiple domains, new <Host> sections should be defined in the server.xml file. Server.xml file is at /<jboss-home>/deploy/jboss-web.deployer folder in the 4.2 version.

Redhat's OpenShift Cloud Experience

Redhat's OpenShift project describes itself "OpenShift is Red Hat's free, auto-scaling Platform as a Service (PaaS) for applications. As an application platform in the cloud, OpenShift manages the stack so you can focus on your code." OpenShift uses the Secure Shell (SSH) network protocol to manage your cloud environment. I will give some example commands and results. Cygwin terminal can be used on windows systems. I want to create a namespace and application.