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Hosting images from specific domain on jboss

When it is supposed to host static contents from the same jboss server and additionally host them from multiple domains, new <Host> sections should be defined in the server.xml file. Server.xml file is at /<jboss-home>/deploy/jboss-web.deployer folder in the 4.2 version.

<Host name="virtualhost1" autoDeploy="false" deployOnStartup="false" deployXML="false" configClass="">
 <Context path="/images1"  docBase="/image_folder1"  debug="0" reloadable="true"/>

<Host name="virtualhost2" autoDeploy="false" deployOnStartup="false" deployXML="false"
 <Context path="/images2"  docBase="/image_folder2"  debug="0" reloadable="true"/>


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