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Jboss JMX client twiddle

Twiddle is a command line tool that interact with JMX server instance. For linux systems is under $JBOSS_HOME\bin directory. Usage can be learned typing ./ -h from command line.

./ -h
A JMX client to 'twiddle' with a remote JBoss server.

usage: [options] <command> [command_arguments]
-h, --help                             Show this help message
     --help-commands           Show a list of commands
-H=<command>                 Show command specific help      Specify the file to use
-D<name>[=<value>]         Set a system property
--                                        Stop processing options
-s, --server=<url>               The JNDI URL of the remote server
-a, --adapter=<name>        The JNDI name of the RMI adapter to use
-u, --user=<name>             Specify the username for authentication
-p, --password=<name>    Specify the password for authentication
-q, --quiet                          Be somewhat more quiet

Some simple usage is here:
List of MBeans published:
./ -s localhost serverinfo -l

Active Sessions for a web application: 
./ -s localhost get "jboss.web:host=localhost,path=<application context name>,type=Manager" activeSessions


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