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JUDCon India 2013

JUDCon India is Back - Bigger and Even Better!

JUDCon, the premier developer event "By Developers, For Developers" is happening again from January 17-18 2013 in Bangalore.

The first JUDCon India held early this year was a huge success, and is still the world’s biggest JUDCon to-date. More than 800 attended to hear from the best and brightest developers, and to exchange ideas on JBoss technology, and JUDCon2013:India is going to be even bigger and better!

The JUDCon call for papers is open now through Nov 23, and session tracks will include:

App Servers and App Development
Cloud, NoSQL and Big Data
Rules, Workflow, SOA and EAI
Cool Stuff (that we just can't leave out)

JUDCon2013:India Call for Papers



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