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ORA-39083 and ORA-02298

ORA-39083: Object type REF_CONSTRAINT failed to create with error:
ORA-02298: cannot validate <constraint_name> - parent keys not found
Failing sql is:
ALTER TABLE <detail_table_name> ADD CONSTRAINT <constraint_name> FOREIGN KEY <detail_table_column_name> REFERENCES <master_table_name> <master_table_column_name> ENABLE

This error may be seen when running datapump import. This is because you have master and detail tables that related with a foreign key constraint. Although detail table has some records, master table doesn't have corresponding records. This is about your database's integrity. It is recommended that broken records in the details table should be found and deleted. On the other hand you can enable constraint with the novalidate option. If you want to ignore this integrity problem, you could validate constraint with the following sql:

ALTER TABLE <detail_table_name> ADD CONSTRAINT <constraint_name> FOREIGN KEY <detail_table_column_name> REFERENCES <master_table_name> <master_table_column_name> ENABLE NOVALIDATE


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