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Toad for Cloud Databases

Toad for Cloud Databases supplies SQL-based interface that makes it easier than ever for generating queries, migrating, browsing, and editing data, as well as create reports and tables in a common SQL view. It’s easy to load and export data from cloud databases to external data sources.

Puts NoSQL databases within your reach even if you’re an RDBMS developer or DBA
Supports business decision making with fast access to cloud data
Supports ANSI-standard SQL issued against cloud datasets
Speeds accurate query generation through the query builder
Lets you browse data and edit in-place
Helps you create “tables” or their logical equivalent
Supports DML SQL (UPDATE, INSERT, DELETE statements)
Loads data from and exports data to a variety of external data sources, including RDBMS
Provides assistance for deploying and managing Amazon EC2 instances


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