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JUDCon2013: UnitedStates

When: June 9-11, 2013
Where: Hynes Convention Center, Boston, Massachusetts
Why: Because developers need to get their hands dirty in code.
Early registration is open, and you can save 40% if you register now!
The ninth JUDCon - JUDCon2013: UnitedStates - will be a 3-day, 3-track extravaganza including a welcome reception, 3 tracks of valuable sessions, with 2 additional workshop tracks. And this year, one low price will get you access to CamelOne and Red Hat Exchange as well!
JUDCon sessions will include:
  • Building HTML5 applications, the JBoss Way
    Peter Muir
  • 59 mins to (geo)satellite search in your Hibernate apps... 58 mins...
    Emmanuel Bernard
  • Re-thinking Mobile/Web Applications, Getting it Done, Keeping it That Way
    Lincoln Baxter, III
  • What's new in Drools 6.0
    Mark Proctor
The activities start Sunday evening with a JUDCon, CamelOne and Red Hat Exchange reception. Then Monday and Tuesday, there will be 3 tracks of sessions and 2 workshop tracks. During dinner Monday evening, the JBoss Community Recognition Award winners will be recognized. The evening will also include a JBoss Core Developer panel, a live recording of the JBoss Community Asylum, and, yes, beer.
The hotel blocks are filling up so please register now to reserve your place! See you there!
The JBoss Team


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