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Saltstack as a Configuration Management Software

Salt is an infrastructure management system and takes a new approach for developing system administration software that is to get running in minutes, scalable to tens of thousands of servers. The Salt open source project was started in 2011. Salt provides a dynamic infrastructure communication bus used for orchestration, remote execution, configuration management. SaltStack is the company responsible for keeping the Salt project healthy and dynamic. Salt remains 100% open.
Installing Salt on RHEL/Centos Systems:
From the 0.9.4 release Salt has been available in EPEL repos. To enable EPEL: # rpm -Uvh
Salt is divided into two packages. Minion and the master. It is necessary only to install the suitable package for the role the machine will play. In general, there is one master and multiple minions.
On the master, install salt-master: # yum install salt-master 
On each slave node, install salt-minion: # yum install salt-…