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Oozie says jar does not exist

After submitting an oozie shell action job, oozie logs say shell-launcher.jar does not exist.

JA008: File /var/tmp/oozie/oozie-oozi450698329702305.dir/shell-launcher.jar does not exist.

On the oozie server shell-luncher.jar exists in the local folder.

# locate shell-launcher.jar

In order to resolve this error, just crate hdfs folders and give appropriate permissions to them.

# su -l hdfs -c "hadoop fs -mkdir /var"
# su -l hdfs -c "hadoop fs -mkdir /var/tmp"
# su -l hdfs -c "hadoop fs -mkdir /var/tmp/oozie"
# su -l hdfs -c "hadoop fs -chmod -R 755 /var"
# su -l hdfs -c "hadoop fs -chown oozie:hdfs /var/tmp/oozie"


  1. In case of me, /var/tmp/oozie should exist on local file system, not on HDFS.
    After creating the directory, restart the Oozie server. Then there comes a lot of files under /var/tmp/oozie including *-launcher.jar files.

    '/var/tmp/oozie' is the value of variable of Oozie server start-up command line. You can check the value using 'ps -ef | grep oozie' where the Oozie server is running.


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